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News: An End To The Machine Politics’: Josh Hawley Calls For A ‘Total Break’ From Mitch McConnell

News: This Is Not About Politics’: Jean-Pierre Tears Into House GOP For Saying They’ll Kill Border Deal

News: JUST IN: GOP Rep Introduces Amendment To Defund Jack Smith’s ‘Political Prosecution’ Of Trump

News: You Think The Entire State Of Texas Is Racist?’: Ted Cruz Grills Dem Witnesses On Voter ID Laws

News: Trump Describes Himself As ‘Proud Political Dissident’ In CPAC Speech
News: CHAOS: Hunter Biden Hearing Completely Implodes When Marjorie Taylor Greene Brings Up Bank Record

News: He Broke Politics’: Gov. Kristi Noem Praises Donald Trump For Being ‘Real’

News: How Trump Can Win Nikki Haley Voters Following Super Tuesday: Political Scientist
News: Jason Smith Warns Of 501(c) Tax-Exempt Orgs Influencing Politics With Foreign Sources Of Funding


News: EPA Administrator Michael Regan Faces Intense Questioning During House Science Committee Hearing.

News: No Matter How Good Science Is…’: Jon Tester Fears Impacts Of Climate Change


News: Can Seth MacFarlane Save Science? | Forbes

News: Is It A Message To China?’: Pentagon Pressed On $500 Million Aid Package For Taiwan


News: JUST IN: Biden Reacts To Trump Floating The Idea Of Cutting Social Security, Medicare

News: Historic Investments’: Suzanne Bonamici Touts Chips And Science Act


News: President Biden Awards National Medal Of Science And National Medal Of Technology And Innovation

News: Mind-Control Technology’ And Brain Implants By Chinese Scientists Probed By Raja Krishnamoorthi


News: Dystopian Science Fiction’: Thomas Massie Unloads On IIJA Vehicle Kill Switch Requirement

News: One-Size Fits All Mandate’: Mitch McConnell Slams Biden’s New Infrastructure Regulations


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Breaking News: Trump Says TikTok Ban Could Make Facebook Bigger—Slams Meta As ‘Enemy Of The People’
Breaking News: Trump Does Mocking Stuttering Impression Of Biden In Attack On SOTU At Georgia Rally
Breaking News: Steven Spielberg announces his new movie “5 Years and Counting” co-directing with Dr. Z
Breaking News: Biden Asked ‘How Bad Is Your Memory?’ By Fox News’ Peter Doocy
Breaking News: President Biden Delivers Remarks At The National League Of Cities
Breaking News: Jordan Peterson Issues Warning About Govt Surveillance And Future ‘Secret’ Police
Breaking News: TBiden Reacts To Republican Jeering Him For Claims They Want To Cut Social Security