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News: State Department: Ceasefire Is ‘Best Way, Bar None’ To Avoid Famine In Gaza

News: Lauren Underwood Touts Employee-Centric Provisions In Homeland Security Budget

News:‘Did I Hear You Correctly?’: Mike Crapo Questions Witness On High-Risk Social Security Programs

News: You Think The Entire State Of Texas Is Racist?’: Ted Cruz Grills Dem Witnesses On Voter ID Laws

News: Ritchie Torres Discusses What Could Be ‘The Single Greatest Solution To Systemic Racism In America’

News: GOP Lawmaker: ‘We’re Going To Continue To Look Into’ Universities Receiving Funds After Protests

News: Donald Trump Claims ‘Crime Is So Much Up’ Under President Biden

News: JUST IN: Elizabeth Warren Attends Reproductive Rights Event For Biden-Harris Campaign In Wisconsin

News: State Dept Pressed On US Citizens Held In Russia, Reaffirms Commitment To ‘Bring Them Home’


News: RFK Jr. Warns AI Will Make More Jobs Disappear And Worsen The Mental Health Crisis In The US


News:Durbin Grills FDA Official On Illegal Flavored E-Cigarettes Sold ‘Less Than A Mile’ From Their HQ

News: Can Seth MacFarlane Save Science? | Forbes

News: WATCH: Climate Activists Spray Paint Private Jets In London

News: JUST IN: Biden Reacts To Trump Floating The Idea Of Cutting Social Security, Medicare

News:Sociologist Asked Point Blank: Can Policy Change Strengthen The Social Safety Net In The US?

News: President Biden Awards National Medal Of Science And National Medal Of Technology And Innovation

News: Most Anti-Abortion Groups Have Goal Of ‘Undermining Democracy Itself’: Women’s March Leader


News: ‘No Nation Can Survive With An Open Border’: RFK Jr. Slams Border Crisis Under Biden

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Breaking News: Trump Blames Biden For ‘Rigged Case In New York’ Days Before First Presidential Debate On CNN

Breaking News: Massachusetts Gov. Maura Healey Announces Emergency Abortion Care Protections 2 Years After Dobbs

Breaking News: Steven Spielberg announces his new movie “5 Years and Counting” co-directing with Dr. Z

Breaking News:‘That’s The Way It Should Be’: Trump Promises To Keep Abortion ‘Out Of The Federal Government’

Breaking News: Malliotakis Touts Bill That Prevents Federal Funding From Going To Schools That Promote Antisemitism

Breaking News:‘We All Know Who Is To Blame’: Kamala Harris Blasts Donald Trump On Anniversary Of Dobbs Decision

Breaking News: Biden Reacts To Republican Jeering Him For Claims They Want To Cut Social Security